knotless braids

Knotless Braids Are A Painless Solution to Box Braids

knotless braids

An old braiding technique that has been around for years is currently trending.

They’re called Knotless braids which essentially are individual braids but instead of the braider starting by installing a knot to start the weaving in of your hair with the synthetic or natural hair extension, she braids in your hair first then attach the extension a little ways in.

It is similar to the “feed in” technique of cornrows.

Above is an image of the difference sourced from my fave hair blog Un-Ruly’s feature on this trend.

They are reportedly less painful, not as heavy as traditional box braids, and best for people with fine hair and can last 4-6 weeks from installation. The only cons are that they take longer to install and therefore, professional stylists will probably charge $30 to $100 more, depending on where you go and region of country.

I think I will have my daughter’s braids be done using this technique from now on because she finds the braiding process painful and really doesn’t like it that much. I put them in her hair because they are easy to maintain and I am still working on my own skills with doing her hair.

Check out this video of someone doing the technique below:

Here is a good video to start:


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