13 Drool-Worthy Gray Braids Inspiration Styles

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grey braids collage

I was talking with my physical therapist today about the evolution of braids and she expressed to me how she wanted to wear a protective style like braids but didn’t know if she could get extensions to add to her all gray hair. Well…was she surprised to learn that gray braids actually are a trendy style nowadays.

Anyway, so I promised to do a quick search and find some gray braided styles for her to check out and consider installing in her hair and this is what I came up with:
grey braids 1

gry braids 2
2. source

gray braids 3
3. Uzy Nwachukwu

amina bangura
4. Amina Bangura

grey braids 5
5. source

grey braids 6
6. Source

grey braids 7
7. Crochet Braids by Tascha

grey braids 8
8. Pearl Thusi
grey braids 9
9. Glam Freak
grey braids 10

10. Voice of Hair
grey braids 11
11. Braids Gang
grey braids 12
12. Voice of Hair
grey briads 13
13. Black Hair Braids