Ludacris’ new wife Eudoxie can do individual braids

This week, while many people were surprised and elated to learn that popular rapper and actor Ludacris married his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan. While doing the traditional post- announcement snooping, I too was geeked to spot among Agnan’s Instagram pics a photo of her braiding a little girl’s hair into lovely individual braids.

Agnan, who also has the last name Mbouguiengue, is originally from Gabon, West Africa.  She visits her native land often and has authentic experiences there which she shares with her tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

And she has mastered a skill many African women have: braiding and cornrowing hair including using extensions. I know many people in America look down on little girls wearing braided extensions, but it is quite common in West Africa where I am from. I even had my little girl’s hair in them, though I too got some side eye looks. The concern is the stress from pulling can damage their edges, but a skilled braider knows how to not pull too tight. Ideally, they should be greased nightly and not left in too long to limit the changes of hair breakage.

Agnan, a medical student, even recently launched a foundation and charity called Unspoken Angels that seeks  to empower girls in American and West Africa who have overcome abuse.

The couple got engaged and married the same day. Ludacris popped the question while flying her over a field and had the words, “Will you marry me” projected on the plain. She wore a dress she already had in her closet and the rest is history.

Atlanta based photographer Donna Permell of  Prime Phocus captured the lovely engagement/wedding photos that have been circulated widely since the announcement came this past Tuesday.



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