Senegalese Twists: Get the Look (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

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Senegalese twists have long been a popular and well-loved style. The braid look originated in the West African nation of Senegal and is gorgeous when installed. It’s a very complicated braid to install and therefore takes a lot longer to install. That being said, it usually costs more. It can run upwards to $400 at a braiding salon.

You can use Marley braid hair or Kanekelon or Tokyokelon hair with the style, depending on your hair texture. Kinkier and coarser hair would match better with the Marley or Kanekelon hair. Finer hair works better with the Tokyokelon or Janet braid brand hair. They will require about 9 to 10 packs of extension hair, and usually 18 to 24 inches in length.

Here are a couple of really good Do-It-Yourself videos for those of you ambitious to try this on your own or for braiders who want to start offering this beautiful style.

If you try it out, do share with us the final look so I can feature you! Thanks!





photos:, @Stephaniecocker instagram

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