Tag: ways to wear your individual braids


Half Weave/Half Braid

Style: Romance curl Individual micro braids Hair Texture: Valentino romance curl braided hair (Buy it HERE) and  Milky Wave braid hair in loose wave  weave (Buy it HERE) Length: 16″ Color: 1B Number of Packs of Extensions: 2 of romance curl weaveContinue reading


Individuals Ombre

Style: I.ndividual ombre braids, Medium small sized Hair Texture: Milky Way  Yaky or Straight Pony (Buy it HERE) Length: 16″ Color: 2 Number of Packs of Extensions: 2 I enjoyed this style because it was current at the time whenContinue reading


Bob Braids

  Style: Bob Braids Hair Texture: Kanekelon or Tokyokelon(Buy it Here) Length: 10″ Color: 1B Number of Packs of Extensions: 6 This is a throwback style from the 1990s I experimented with in Spring 2013. It is aContinue reading