Network TV Commentators with Braids: Jemele Hill & Melissa Harris-Perry


Melissa Harris-Perry (top) is host of her self-titled political punditry show on MSNBC and Jemele Hill co-hosts “His & Hers” on ESPN nightly.


I’ve noticed that the more professional women people see on TV in braids, the more mainstream they will become and the more women will feel comfortable wearing them in the office and others will de-stigmatize them.

Today, we can catch MSNBC host, commentator, political pundit and host of her self-titled show, Melissa Harris Perry and ESPN host of the show “His & Hers” formerly “Numbers Never Lie“, Jemele Hill┬áboth sporting individual braids and kinky twists in their hair regularly on their nightly programs.

Thanks ladies for being fab braids ambassadors! This. is. a. movement.