Individual Braids How To: Installation Tutorial

braids how to
I am going to get individual braids installed in my hair for the first time in a long time. I had been rocking crochet braids off and on recently but that is a very temporary style and have a lot more maintenance and attention that I do not have time to give to it right now. Individual braids are great because they are versatile for styling purposes and they can get wet and withstand chlorine and salt water which is perfect for pool and beach season.

I wouldn’t dare attempt to install my own in but some people are more daring. I peeped this awesome tutorial from Un-Ruly with instructions. Here is a snippet of what it takes to install individual braids or twists into your own hair:

    Getting braids or twists installed is the first step to ensuring your protective style actually protects your hair instead of harming your hair. Consider the following when braiding or twisting your hair:

    Use human hair over synthetic hair. Synthetic hair can be drying and harsh on your natural strands.

    Use larger parts, especially around your edges. Smaller parts can cause more stress on your strands with heavy braiding hair.

    Be sure your hair is healthy enough to handle installation. A deep condition before installation is always a good idea. If your hair is already weak, the manipulation of the braids or twists could easily cause breakage to your fragile strands.

    Do not braid/twist your hair too tight! This is the biggest no-no. Tight installation can cause permanent damage and hair loss. If you begin to see white bulbs at the roots of your braids/twists your hair is too tight! Those white bulbs are your follicles being pulled out (similar to the bulbs you see with waxing hair removal).

For Care and Take Down instructions, visit Un-Ruly at this post here!

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