How to Detangle Your Child’s Hair Painfree!!!!!!! (VIDEO)

A lot of us have horrible memories of crying while sitting in between our mama’s lap in the kitchen as she detangled, perhap straightened and/or plaited or cornrowed our hair for school.  We cried because for some of us with courser texture hair, getting our hair done involved a lot of painful experiences with a de-tangling comb. I think that is because a lot of our fore mothers assumed pain was part of the process. You were called “tender headed” and told to just deal with it.

Doing a child’s hair doesn’t have to be painful if you do it right!

Check out this video of  Sharon the owner of Twists and Turns Natural Hair salon in Silver Spring, Maryland, who gives a breakdown on how to detangle freshly washed hair.

I shot this video July 2011 for my now-defunct blog, the Politics of Raising Children, which I ran on the Washington Times newspaper, but the tips inside are still relevant and useful today! Check it out: