Nicki Minaj’s Pink Braids Are Reminiscent to Beyonce’s Lemonade Hair – Oh Same Stylist Did them.


It took a team of 6 hairstylists 36 hours to create the floor-length braids Nicki Minaj rocked in her new video for the new Migos song “Motorsport”  also featuring Cardi B.

The Internet has dubbed the locs “Pink Lemonade Braids” because they were the creation of the celebrity stylist team of Kim Kimble and Kendra Garvey which Attles Beyoncé’s hair for her Lemonade album.



In fact, other braiders should prepare themselves for getting requests from fans who may want to copy the style.

The fangirl’ing has started already

? @kendragarvey and her crew did an amazing job—as always! ??

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Watch the video

And some behind the scenes footage


BTS #MotorSport ♻️ @nickiminaj Kimble Booking: @sixkla

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