Texas finally makes Hair Braiding Shops legal

Hair Braiders in Texas can finally braid hair freely and legally in Texas! Imagine that?!

The State required those who teach hair braiding to get barbers’ licenses and submit to other onerous regulations. As we all know, many people who braid hair are African immigrants and many learned the skill by practice or from their mothers or other relatives.

You can get your hair done superbly by a home-trained braider. But without laws to regulate the industry, braiders were restrained.

In essence, it drove the hair braiding business underground to apartments and homes, thereby restricting the ability of braiders to open shop and grow their businesses.

In January, a federal judge in January struck down the law. He found it unconstitutional and that it does not advance public health and safety or any other legitimate government interest.

And finally, last month the state legislators just voted to remove the unconstitutional law from state legislation last month.

It’s a shame that it took so long to erase an inequitable and unfair law that disenfranchised braiders out of the marketplace.

Better late than never!



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