This Mom Is On a Mission to Help Adoptive Parents Manage Their Black Children’s Hair

One Chicago mom has made it her mission to assist transracial parents manage their black adoptive kids’ hair

Tamekia Swint uses her skills as a stylist to help educate parents of black children on haircare. For nearly ten years, Swint has shared her knowledge with hundreds of families across the United States.

From three clients in 2010 her non-profit, Styles 4 Kidz, has transformed the lives of over 500 children.

She focuses on adoptive families, specifically white parents who adopt children of color. These kids have a hair texture that is entirely unlike the hair of a white person. To help their children feel their best, these parents must learn what black hair needs and how to meet those needs.

A trip to Poland inspired Tamekia Swint to start her non-profit organization, then called Styles 4 Girlz. She taught a hair-braiding class to a group of students on an overseas mission trip. After she returned home, she met a transracial adoptive mom.

The mother knew she didn’t understand how to style her child’s hair and reached out to Swint for help. Once the two connected, Swint’s mission took form. This mom introduced her to a whole network of transracial adoptive families in need of the same guidance.

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