Hurricane Maria Credited For Igniting Puerto Rico’s Accidental Natural Hair Movement

The natural hair movement in America involved more women styling their natural hair and relying less on chemically processing and using heat implements to straighten the curl pattern out of non-naturally straight hair.

It was borne out of more acceptance of one’s hair, once deemed unacceptable and “untamable”, and has thrived due to increased societal acceptance in all types of hair, even natural ‘unruly’ types.

In Puerto Rico, a recent article in The Guardian states that the recent devastating Hurricane last year which left over 1,000 people dead has had another interesting impact on the men and women on the US-owned island: It is forcing them to resort to natural hairstyles.

“The constant heat and high humidity – coupled with months without power and clean water – means that long, blown-straight hair no longer dominates the island,” the article reported, adding:

Instead, men and women across the island favour natural curls and undyed roots. Women with long hair pull it into a ponytail or a bun, or even hide it under a cap. Men are growing their beards longer than usual and skipping haircuts.

In a darkly humorous show called After Maria, Teatro Breve – a performance art theater company in San Juan – poked fun at Puerto Rico’s new normal, including the island’s newest hairstyles. They include the “messy bun”, the “dirty braid”, and “el moja’ito” (the wet one) – in which women use an excessive amount of gel to make it seem they had just come out of the shower.

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