Trend: Janet Jackson Box Braids; How to Install Your Own (VIDEO)

They are called “Janet Jackson” braids because the pop singer famously wore them in her 90s era John Singleton (“Boyz In Da Hood”)-directed movie, “Poetic Justice” where she played a smart mouthed around the way girl who witnessed the cold-blooded murder of her boyfriend and goes along on a road trip with her friend, her boyfriend and another friend played by the legendary late rapper Tupac Shakur.

The style is characterized by back to waist-length, medium to large width braids. Called “box” braids also, because you part the hair in a box before installing hair extensions and braiding the hair in individual braids. They are more versatile than corn rows because they are malleable and can be shaped and formed as they are not plaited to the scalp. { BUY THE HAIR!}

Anyway, I digress. Since then, she has been linked to urban references to box braids. I love them because they are versatile, take less time to install and you look pretty chic and edgy when wearing them.

My gorgeous baby sister Hawa is sporting some now. :

Want to do it yourself? Check out Just Jailyn’s excellent tutorial for beginners. She goes slow and explains in very great detail how to install them.

I also like Forever Cryssy’s version

And here are 12 ways to style them