Basic At Home 4C Hair Maintenance During Coronavirus Quaranting

Photo by Caio Cardenas from Pexels

Man… a couple weeks ago, I wanted to do a YouTube video but realized my nails were busted and my governor had urged people not to patronize non-essential businesses and eventually shut down all nail and hair salons altogether.

I support his efforts as part of a plan to flatten the curve and rise in new novel coronavirus cases, because it isn’t getting better in my state, all of America and in certain parts of the globe.

Nonetheless, we have to take things in our own hands when it comes to doing basic hair grooming and pampering.

Personally, I invested in a pack of French Manicure with enough nails to last you over a month in case you lose one here and there. They look very professional on screen. Order yours from Amazon for just $7.99. Check out how they look on my nails here:

And for other simple hair styling tips for myself, my long-haired son and my daughter, I went through YouTube and identified a few premium tutorials to get me through the next month or so. Here are the videos I am relying on:

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