Wow! People are Really Getting Creative with Crochet Braids

crochet braids

Crochet braids are the hottest thing in braiding. It is a protective style that involves cornrowing the hair then using a crochet needle to literally crochet it in between the tracks of cornrows.

crochet install
And another great thing about them is that people are being more creative with crochet braids so much so that you cannot even tell they are crochet braids.

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Senegalese Twists Crochet
crochet braids

Can you believe these are crochet braids? Me neither. Find out how to create this look by going

I’ve done the crochet faux locs too. Many people told me they looked like real locs.
I think I found my next crochet style. It is on Marylena A’s YouTube Channel! Hotness! In case you want to replicate this style or take it to your braid stylist here it is below.

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