Unboxing Eban’s Total Health Care System for Girls Who Workout and Swimmers!

I’ve previously raved about Eban pre-swim chlorine protectant products that I use on the hair of my 10-year old daughter who is on a year-round swim team. A good 64% of African American children  have little to no swimming ability according to USA Swimming, the governing body for the sport of swimming in the U.S. and fear of water on hair is a big reason behind this stat, especially for girls.

Eban, a premium hair and skin care line of products including hair conditioner, shampoo, sunscreen, lip balm, bug repellent, anti-itch cream, lotions and more,  was created by the founders of Black Kids Swim, a group organized partially to increase the number of black children swimming in America and to support their competitive swimming endeavors.

The products are all organic, and all purposed to defend against sun, salt, sweat and chlorine; those elements that can keep Black people from living their fullest lives.

It is not just for competitive swimmers but summertime recreational and Summer Vacation swimmers as well.

Taking off from the success of those products, they recently released an entirely new complete hair care system that includes.  For only $30, you get a 4 ounce bottle of clarifying shampoo to rinse chlorine (or post-work out sweat and impurities) from hair, a deep conditioner, a daily moisturizer and styling cream and a co-wash. (It’s $99 for the 16 ounce bottles)

Protect the appearance and self-esteem of your swimmer by ensuring their hair is chlorine free and moisturized.

The 4-Step Ultimate Hair Care System protects your hair after the gym or against chlorine after swimming. It shields damage and nourishes both the hair and scalp:

Step 1: Soak, Coat, Cover with EBAN Shield (and the EBAN Lycra Cap if you’re going to go swimming).

Step 2: After, Gently Cleanse with EBAN Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo or if it’s after the gym, apply the co-wash.

Step 3: Apply EBAN Infuse Deep Conditioner, then rinse

Step 4: Let hair air dry then style, or while still wet, add twists, pigtails, cornrows or style as usual.

Now thru December 31, you can take an additional 30% off your order if you use the promo code 2018BKSHoliday at check out!

For you swimmers or parents to swimmers, you can always cop the 3- produce System for Swimmers too HERE! Also for 30%OFF thru December!!