Join Our #ThrowbackHair Photo Challenge

We are hosting a throwback hair Instagram photo challenge where we invite users of that photo sharing social media site to post pics of themselves each day. 

Each of the 20 photos represent a different hair style or look and participants simply need to post their pic and then add #throwbackhair and #jjbraids in the caption. 

Preferably, the photo should be you or a replication of you though it can be a wig but should not be another person if you can help it. 

Anyone who completes and posts all 20 images will automatically be entered to win a $50 gift card compliments of!

We will also feature some of our fave contestants on the IG from time to time. 

Get started today and if you miss a day, no worries, simply start back to the first one and keep it poppin’!

Good luck!

I am a content creator, social media agency owner, former attorney and publicist, wife and mom. I love working in cafes, wine, food and music festivals, Sunday brunch,  home decorating, travel and life.