The Michelle Obama Natural Hair Photo That Sent Naturalista Twitter into Frenzy

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been natural since 2015, her hairdresser Johny Wright once said in an interview with The Root. But it took a Twitter user to post a photo of an unrelaxed haired Shelly out somewhere balmy wearing her signature sleeveless shirt and not having a care in the world.

The photo is not dated and even the person who shared it is unsure of its origins, but in any event, the pic sent the Naturalista Twitter into a frenzy. Blavity and  HuffPo Black curated some Twitter response. Here are some of the best tweet memes.

It’s been a longtime coming. In 2012, someone photoshopped a natural curly look onto her hair. It went viral and had a lot of people thinking it was real. But we all know that if she worked hard to shake that Angry Black Woman stereotype, which she said hurt her, she wasn’t going to even  go natural to deal with the haters.

She did rock pigtails while on vacay recently.