Grey Since Age 14, How One Blogger Turned Hair Acceptance Into a Movement

As I was going through one of my fave black hair blogs and websites Un-Ruly, I saw they had a series called “hairstory” where they chronicle the journey of famous or influential women. I paused when I saw they had done one a couple years ago of fellow blogger Ty Alexander. She is an author and a powerful voice in the beauty movement.

Here is a snippet of how the posts starts, but it is a pretty in-depth interview so you can read the rest there after the intro:

Ty Alexander is a popular voice in the Beauty blogosphere, with her aptly titled beauty and lifestyle site, Gorgeous In Grey! She’s been on our radar since we first met her at our “You Can Touch My Hair” exhibit and we’ve enjoyed watching her celebrate and embrace her authentic self ever since.  Here’s her hair story.

Tell us about your hair journey in four sentences or less.

I’m kind of a carefree person so my hair journey is everywhere. I’ve been short, long, I’ve had a Halle Berry haircut, I’ve had braids, I’ve had a wig and I now have a Mohawk; so my hair journey really is of all over the place and I’m not ashamed of it (laughs).

How did you wear your hair when you were younger?

When I was younger, I wore my hair however my mother styled it.  My hair was really, really long, so I would always have pigtails because my mother couldn’t braid.  They were like, pigtails with big poofy twists and those annoying little ball things at the bottom that would always hit me in my face when I would run, talk or whatever. When I got to be a teenager, I tricked my mother into thinking that I let the stylist cut my hair off on one side but I actually requested it (more on that a little later).  When I was younger, my hairstyles were definitely dictated by whatever my mother could muster up styling and she wasn’t the best stylist.

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