We’re Here for Beyonce Release of Behind-the-Scenes Lemonade Pics

bey 6

Because it has been a while since Beyonce’s visual album and film Lemonade was released, the Queen’s official website shared some behind-the-scenes pics from all of the scenes/videos of the fantastic literary project.

The pics also come on the helm of her September 4th upcoming birthday. Yes, it’s officially Virgo season and Beyonce Knowles and I share that sign of the meticulous, overly organized and critical thinker who is a loyal friend that wants to please others.

Of course, we were here for every sister loc, twist, crown braid and crochet braided style that donned the head of Mrs. Carter and others who appeared on the album’s film. We snagged all of the braided styles to showcase. Look!

bey 3

bey 6

bey 7

bey 8

bey 9

bey 10

bey 11

bey 12

bey 13

bey 14

bey 15

bey 16