How I Styled My Lemonade Braids While On Vacation

I just came back from vacation. I wanted Lemonade braids and to have them installed via crochet versus as individual braids because it takes 2 hours for the former and about 5 hours for the later.

Here is my inspo:

But I accidentally purchased too large length already braided hair. They were medium width that came down to my bottom (about 26″ in length).

Here are the different ways I styled them in case you ever plan to wear this style and are looking for options:

I just gathered the front and tied it back in the nape of my neck and pulled each half to the front to rest on my shoulder.

I wore it all out for a night out and loved how it looks. I felt hot!

I pulled the top in a high pony tail tied together in a knot at the top with the hair for a look I call the “Shenaynay” because it resembles the style worn by a character on the hit 90s comedy “Martin.”

I created a braid to one side in this look. 

Later that day, I pulled it down and swept all of the hair to one side and uses several braids as a band to wrap around and hold the side low pony tail in place.



I wore a cap while taking a mini vacay in Tobago but you could sub the cap for a hat or a head wrap for another look. 

This style is similar to the first one except I tied it a little tighter to create a “sleek low pony tail” but with braids and again, I pulled loose pieces to the shoulder.

This is just a sample of what it looks untamed and loose. 

For a family photo, I wore a few braid strands across the front of my head for a simulation half crown that I bobby pinned to the side. 

I just pulled all of the braids to one side and rested it on my shoulder for a one side loose look. It is great for evenings or cocktails out. 

For church, I twisted the frame and fastened it at the back of my head to create a sort of halo crown

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to style your hair if you ever choose to have butt-length braids installed. Did you like any of these? Let’s chat and connect at @jjbraids on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

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