Super Micro Senegalese Twists

Style: Super small micro mini Senegalese twists

Hair Texture: Kanekelon and Tokyolon braids (Buy it HERE)

Length: 18″

Color: 2

Number of Packs of Extensions: 9

I got this style in 2007 while doing some mission work in my native Sierra Leone. It’s super gorgeous and glamorous and sexy. It is versatile as well and can be styled into different looks. Because it is super small, it will last a very long time and look neat for an extended time. I loved wearing it while attending Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. It made the hectic on-the-go non-stop experience easier not having to worry about my hair.

Installing it can be a pain because it takes a long time. The style is a bit complex and many stylists do not offer it but those who do charge a premium. It could cost upwards to $400 to have put in your hair.

Installation Time: It takes between 8 to 10 hours to install, depending on length and width of braid, and stylist’ skill

Longevity:  They last about 4– 6 months.