Black Panther Ready: Not Your Moms and Pops’ Dashikis

The upcoming release of the much-anticipated Black Panther Movie, the latest theatrical release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is also spawning a renewed interest in African fashion and I’m here for it!

By now, most people know that Afrian clothing is more than just Dashikis and Kinte cloth. The former were widely popular during the 1960s/1970s Black Power and Black Pride movement and Dashikis in the 1980s and early 1990s version of the re-embrace of African culture in America.

However, it’s still cool to rock both. As a matter of fact Dashikis have come a long way. They are no longer oversized shirts with the distinctive Afrocentric print.

Men can get ones in a tailored shirt.  There are also pants as in loose-fitting harem pants with the famous print. If you look online, you’re sure to find someone selling a fitted dashiki mini dress.  There are also super casual looks like hoodies for dudes. Also, colorful dresses that fit at the Waist. The options are endless.

I want to shout out my good pal’s Marcella’s African Fashion store on Etsy where you’ll find authentic imported African cloth and clothing direct from the motherland. Not the fake Chinese knock offs!  If you purchase from her store and enter Code 775 to pay $5 per yard!

Good luck shopping and see you at the movies this Thursday, Febuary 15!

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