Teen Vogue Blasted for its Summer Braids Feature



This week, readers of Teen Vogue blasted the magazine in Social Media for its feature on summer braids featuring Senagalese Twists a popular hairstyle worn by African Americans and black women in the diaspora. The style was invented in the francophone West African nation of Senegal.

Yet, the magazine’s feature did not include any brown or darker skinned models. That offended many who took to Twitter to express their outrage. You can see some sample tweets in USA Today’s feature HERE or The Grio’s HERE.

JJBraids‘ own Chelsea Social pointed out the disappointing feature last month when it was released in the digital online version of the magazine:

Glad to see wider audiences take note of the slight! For you who are regular readers and visitors to JJBraids, we thank you and are glad we can keep you up to date on all the latest styles, inspirations, ideas, news and social commentary of braids and the braiding community as represented in pop culture!

We even pointed out that Harper’s Bazaar too featured a how-to in our post about Cornrows being worn on the Runways this past Fashion Week but on NO black models.


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h/t The Grio and USA Today

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