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Bringing Back the Half Weave/Half Micro Braids Trend

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The half weave/half micro braids look has fallen out of fashion, but I’m bringing it back!

You know I love to experiment with hairstyles. I have a different style in my hair every 3 weeks. When I am contemplating a style, I love to explore YouTube and Pinterest for ideas. I usually can find an awesome style that may fit my face, personality and lifestyle.

I’m heading out of town for a few days and need to look professional but do not have too much time to sit and have a long braid session. This time around, I am going to go with a half weave/ half micro braids. The front of my hair will have a protective style that makes it look like all of my hair is braided.

It’s a technique I learned about years ago from my braiders. It kind of fell out of fashion, but I’m gonna bring it back! If you are the ambitious type and would like to do the style on your hair or if you have a friend who will be your guineapig, here is a good tutorial I found on YouTube.

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