Small Marley Twists are More Versatile than Big popular ones

So this is my first post of my hair after launching this blog. It features a touch up of my small Marley twists or “Marley Braids” that I got installed about a month or so ago. The best hair to use is the Vanessa brand marley hair. This is 1B mixed with like a 370 red for highlights.

Even though larger, fat puffy Marley braids are hot now, especially among the youngins, I opted with the smaller twists for a few reasons:

One: They are more versatile and can be maneuvered into various other styles and easily pulled back into a pony tail for trips to the gym or while running errands on the weekend.

Two: As I am still in corporate, events, fancy function mode for the Holiday season, I still need a quasi-polished look for stuffy events where they can’t and don’t know how to handle super big hair. Okay, I lie, the answer is ¬†really…

Three: The bigger ones last for a shorter period of time and require more maintenance to manage and keep looking good. “Aint nobody got time for that!” ha!

Anyway, this hair took about 6 packs of extensions and took my braider about 5 hours to twist in. She curled the ends with plexy rod curlers then hot water set them. I love the skinny ones also because I can tug at them and make them longer and wear them so they frame my face.

Do you like? Would you get this style? Have you worn Marley braids before? If so, what was your experience like?