Style Inspirations for Tree Braids- GET THE LOOK (TUTORIAL)

So I’m thinking of returning to tree braids for my next braiding style. I’ve worn them before and loved them.

They are great for a couple of reasons: 1. They do not take as long to install compared to traditional micro mini braids; and 2. They’re great for people who want the look of  a weave but don’t want to deal with mix-matched edges or having to maintain the exposed part of the scalp so it doesn’t look to much like a weave or a wig.

The above collage in the header includes some inspirational looks I’m considering. To see the source of the images, go to our JJBraids Pinterest board.

They are very difficult to install so you  need to get a skilled braider to put them in but if you yourself are a braider or install your own braids, we think Breanna Rutter’s tutorial on YouTube is the best. Check it out: