I Remixed my Marley braids into this Retro Updo

I was in the process of taking out my Marley Twists in transition to another style when I remembered I had an event the next day to attend and would not have time to take them all out.


I scrambled and headed to Pinterest and YouTube and found a very cute Retro style at the AllThingsBlackWomen Tumblr blog that served two purposes: 1. The style hid my edges which were completely loose at the time and would not match the other partially untwisted hair; and 2. It also gave me a 40s-inspired look.

Here is what the untwisted Marleys look like before (I’m using  the cap to hide the edges. Ha!)

And after following the tutorial, I matched it with pearl drop earrings and a strapless maxi dress for max retro effect.


I highly recommend you looking to those two social media sites for styling ideas and tips. They’re THE BEST!

Please share your transition looks with us by sending them to Submissions(at)JJBraids.com.