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Creator of the ‘Curl Pattern’ Classification Andre Walker leaves longtime client Oprah Winfrey

This week, Oprah says good bye to her hair stylist of 30 + years Andre Walker. He departs as her personal hairdresser to focus full time on his line of products.

According to O magazine:

Walker is transitioning from his day-to-day styling duties to focus on his hair care line, available at AndreWalkerHair.com.

Fittingly, his last O cover—this month’s glam trifecta—showcases his incredible range.

“Andre can create so many styles,” says O director Adam Glassman. “But he always makes sure Oprah looks like Oprah.”

As for the man himself: “Working with Oprah has been life changing,” says Walker.

“It’s taken me from the White House to the slums of Mumbai to Tina Turner’s house in the South of France. And along the way, it’s given me a great spiritual teacher.”

We’ll see much more from Walker no doubt and he has already left his mark on history. He is known for and widely credited with coming up with the curl pattern continuum system of characterizing all hair types.

From Curls.biz explaining Walker’s system and its value:

Andre Walker,Oprah’s beloved hair stylist, created a broad-spectrum hair typing system that classifies various hair textures and breaks each hair type down into 4 types with added sub categories. I believe this chart is especially useful when determining what products to use for your hair texture. However, you must realize that this system has its limitations. First of all, most curly women and girls have at least 2 different textures of hair on their head…this chart does not address this variance. Also there are so many different sub categories that can be added to all of the curly sections categories that could and should go beyond A, B, & C. Nonetheless, I do believe it was the first and is the best classification available to date.

Since, there have been hair products, vlog series and even very popular Instagram accounts launched based on sub categories along that system. Like Major!

Kudos and Salute!
photo: Oprah.com

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