‘The Hunger Games’ Rue v The Kardashian on Cornrow Appropriation

Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan (other than the babies) is launching a hair extension line and recently decided to wear a blue ombré wig. 

She cornrowed her hair under the weave extensions, similar to how African-American and Black women wear their hair underneath their weaves.

I’m not sure who taught the teen the technique or installed it in her hair.  

When she removed the extensions, Jenner decided to take one of many selfies she takes on her Instagram with the caption, “I woke up like diss”

One of the  many commenters on the post which got over a million likes was actress Amandla Stenberg from The Hunger Games.

She blasted Jenner for wearing the style which originated in Africa while not heralding equity issues and concerns of Black Americans who traditionally where the style. 

Jenner eventually deleted the tweet but not after first digging a jab back at Stenberg.

Folks have been Team Stenberg, hailing the 14-year old for calling out Jenner. 

Or they have been defending Jenner, proclaiming that “it’s just hair”, asking why “everything  has to be about race”, declaring that Jenner has the right to wear her hair however she pleases. 

All true. 

However, it’s not really just hair  This video speaks on the history. It’s long, but worth the time if you want to be educated on it.


And appropriation is “a thing”. A few weeks ago, Stenberg released a video for a school project explaining the origins of African and black hair and the impact of other cultures, especially dominant ones, wearing their hair like, speaking like and adopting other elements of African and black culture for fun, but while never showing solidarity towards or aligning themselves with the struggles of the “oppressed” culture being copied