Actress Garcelle Beauvais Shows Why You shouldn’t get Your Hair braided Too Tight

I follow actress and children’s book author Garcelle Beauvais for my celebrity parenting blog. 

Early this Spring, the NYPD Blue and The Jamie Foxx Show alum went on a girls’ getaway to Puerto Rico and she got her hair braided in box braids so she could have a low maintenance island hair do.


It looked great on her. 

However, the pretty mom to twin boys Jax and Jaid Nilon soon showed her followers why it is important to get a braid stylist that won’t pull your roots too tight when installing braids. 

She had to take them out soon after getting them put in. 


 Make sure you get referrals and check out reviews on Yelp and other online sources to make sure you get a stylist who is considerate to her customers and won’t leave them in pain. 

Beauty shouldn’t have to hurt. 

Learn from Garcelle. Take out braids that hurt so they do not damage your scalp, cause raised white bumps at the base of the braids or destroy your edges by rooting out your hair.