Hype Energy releases ad campaign with Kim Kardashian West in Cornrows

Last year, Kim Kardashian shot an ad campaign for Hype energy drinks which included the reality TV star posing in a color block cut out long sleeve one piece unitard with her hair in crown cornrows.

She shared the photo on her Instagram and asked her fans and followers to tune into her E! Online show Keeping Up With the Kardashian to see scenes from the actual shoot.

For some odd reason unknown to us, the brand decided to hold onto those images and only just released them this week.

Not to be surprised, it triggered a bunch of reaction in social media from outcry about cultural appropriation to acceptance. Kim is getting less heat we believe because unlike her half-sister Kylie Jenner who was blasted for wearing cornrows, Kim has a black husband, a half-black child and has spoken out on issues that are of concern to black American audiences, generally. You can wear the styles when you are wholly accepting and supportive of those from the marginalized community known best for wearing the style being borrowed.

Recently, Kim tweeted out inquring about Sandra Bland.

I love her look in these pics. 

Secretly, based on the reactions to this photo last year, I am happy her traditional fans are not too keen on the look because not every hairstyle is meant to be easily adopted by those who are not among the primary and initial wearers of the hair style.

Same can be said about how not all black women look right in blonde hair or silky bone straight hair. Everything is not for everyone. 

And also, this is not the first time the business woman has worn cornrows. She wore them years prior and to very little attention or outcry back then.

So have her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. 

What are your thoughts?

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