Oooh La La! I Discovered a New Great Online Hairsource!

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So…I was looking for hair inspiration for my next braided style and I totally discovered this awesome blog called which has been around for 3 years so far and is overflowing with great ideas, tips, features, videos and more!

I love love love it and plan to bookmark it, follow their feed and subscribe to the channel. I figured out the style I will do next when I found their “14 Crochet Styles and the Hair They Used” . Immediately, I noticed it looked eerily familiar to the way I set up my first 20 or so blog posts which were essentially just me talking about my different braid styles, what color, texture and number of packs of extensions used to achieve the style and where to purchase them (with a link to Their post is set up the exact same way. Great minds think alike? Yes.

Therefore, I will be going to them for inspiration for my posts….and linking back so you guys can go to the source and read more from there.

And here is the style I found.

It is crocheted faux locs. IKR! Hot!

I’ll do a post to show me in the style when I’m done. My braid stylist is doing it for me as a free gift for all the years of patronage and the tons of referrals I’ve sent her way. I’m excited about the style and I cannot wait to have them installed.