5 reasons why braiding your hair is a blessing in disguise

Once upon a time, mommy didn’t let you out of sight without tying your hair in neat, stylish braids. We say, the time to do so has come again now.

Not just because it looks fashionable, but also because braiding can be a blessing in disguise for your hair health.

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at the reasons explained by Dr Apoorva Shah, trichologist and founder of RichFeel Hair Clinic, Mumbai and you will definitely get convinced to braid up your precious mane.

1. It can avoid hair breakage

“Braiding the hair is a good, protective practice that can save your hair from any breakage as it strengthens the hair structurally. In fact, a loosely-tied braid can work alongside your body’s natural process to boost hair growth,” Shah explains.

2. It takes care of your hair even while you’re asleep

As per Shah, braiding your hair before going to bed can have great results because of the lesser friction produced between the tied hair and the pillow cover.

3. It can keep your hair nourished

“Braiding helps to lock the moisture into the hair, keeping them moisturised and nourished,” Shah points out.

“You can even oil the hair with Brahmi Jaborandi hair oil before braiding the hair for deeper nourishment,” he adds.

4. It can prevent frizziness
You know how frizzy, out-of-whack hair are just about enough to spoil your look and well, your mood right? Well, braiding can spare you the horror.

According to Shah, the added nourishment and moisture-locking ability of braiding is something that can even keep hair frizziness and dryness at bay.

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5. It can keep split-ends away
Braiding your hair before stepping out can protect it against damage from the sun and well—pollution.

“With lesser exposure to these stress-causing elements, you hair tends to stay protected against the resulting split-ends and dryness,” Shah says.

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