Hi! My name is JJ!

Welcome to my hair blog.

I am an attorney, blogger, political analyst, tech blogger, lifestyle entrepreneur,publisher and social media personality and for over 10 years, I’ve worn my hair consistently in braid styles.

Over the course of those years, I’ve had many people stop me in the street or query me via social media inbox about the styles. They’d ask what type of hair I use, the name of the style, inches, texture and who did it.

The last answer is easy. My stylist Dorcas N’da originally from C’ote d’Ivoire who has styled Venus and Serena Williams‘s hair in the past and their siblings.

As to the other questions, I thought recently to create a blog where I’d include all that information in one spot.

Since the images of the first 40 to 50 photos are taken of me not in anticipation of being a style guide, they are not necessarily the best to show off the depth of each style.

Nonetheless, they give a decent generic rendition of each style. If you like, feel free to print, right click and save and take to your stylist.

If you don’t live near a place that has a beauty supply store that sells hair extensions for braiding, I plan to include links to online retailers to purchase hair.

In due time, I may add guest images, and posts from braid stylists and others.


Thanks for stopping by!

I am a content creator, social media agency owner, former attorney and publicist, wife and mom. I love working in cafes, wine, food and music festivals, Sunday brunch,  home decorating, travel and life.